1,  You must own your house and you can have mortgages on it.
    2.  If you are single you must be 62 years of age.  If you are married
         one of the two of you must be 62 years of age and the other doesn’t
         have to be that old.
    3.  Everyone who wants to be on title of the reverse mortgage must be 62
         years of age.
    4.   Anybody who is on title cannot be in bankruptcy.
    5.   Income for the borrowers is ignored by the lender.
    6.   We can only use $650,000 as the highest value on your house.  When
          you take the reverse mortgage and wish to sell the house you will get the
          entire value of the house even though it is above $650,000.  When either you or
          heirs sell you must pay back what you received when you started and the
          accrued interest.  If the amount of the sale is less than what you owe you
          will be excused for the unpaid balance.  THERE ISN’T ANY DEFICIENCY
     To find out what you could qualify now please send us the dates of birth of the title
      holders, how much  you owe on your mortgage, your street address and a copy of
      your social security card.
      We will find the value of your place, with a mortgage on it and if no mortgage a value
      will also suffice.
      I will contact you after I forward the results and go through it with you.  If you want
      to go forward I will explain the options to you and get it going.
      I am looking forward to hearing from you.  If you wish to call my phone is (818)464-5152.
      Roger Schlesinger

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