A.   Can you use a reverse mortgage to buy an owner occupied house?  Yes you can,Can  if you                                                                                                  fit  the parameters of the loan.
B.   Is it easier to make money in this loan, or lose your house?.  If you follow my directions you
                                                                                         will make money.  It is simple.
C..   Can you own a second home while having a reverse mortgage?  As long as it is a 2nd
D.   Can you sell your house with the reverse mortgage and then buy another house and get a
       new reverse mortgage?                                                      Absolutely, if it fits the program.
E.   Can your family, kids, in laws, parents or others live there with you?  Yes they can!
F.    When you sell the property are there going to be taxes on the gains.  Most likely but it is up
                                                                                                          to  the tax code
G.    If you own & live in a duplex, triplex, etc. can this be your reverse mortgage property?  Yes
H.    To clarify (G.) if you live in a 2,3 or 4 unit property and it is your home it can become a
        reverse mortgage.  It has certain advantages jif you buy it right.
Any questions will be answered if you write to me @ MortgageMinuteGuy.com or call me @
I look forward to get you on your way in a Reverse Mortgage.

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