Today, August 2, 2017 will begin the analysis of 2017 through the rest of the 0-20 century.  My
avocation is writing  and translating those words that need a “tad” of help.  I will be  writing about mortgages, single family homes, commercial properties and unusual loans,homes and properties!
It would be there to help us make money, enlarge the  reach of the Company and innovate in the field of finance and housing.
I start with the beginning of real estate.  This comes when the new individual who wants to take a chance at the real estate business.  What makes these individuals step up is the challenge against another individual, which in reality is just a start.
Allow me to plow forward and get talking about, residential real estate, commercial real estate,

the financial markets for real estate and the smart way to attack these projects. I am not leaving out

what non real estate agents do to get the best possible, as good financing, good upside of the project, great area to be in and about 10 more check points that I will cover in this report.
I will start where most people would like me to: how to make money in real estate, which to average
real estate buyers is what real estate is all about.  Before I go further I will give you a piece of my mind about real estate investing because most people have it wrong.  I will explain in full detail what
most potential buyers focus on the wrong opportunity.  The only thing I will talk about now on this idea is that the vast majority of buyers will emphasis the wrong mechanism.
The following points are crucial.  If you get them right, for you, you should have a successful time in the real estate market.  If not you will be working twice as hard as you should, and consistently losing time:
    1.   Buying too much house is one of the worst ideas that have come from this industry.
    2.  Making it work by misusing your mortgage.
    3.  Compromising the size of the dwelling,
    4.  Compromising the rooms which means a short fall  for room.
    5.  Moving too far out of your living and working  “area.”
    I could go on for pages but what I am trying to get at is that using a financial vehicle is not

— a recommended practice.  Each  part of the  program has to be doing what it was sent to do,
    or you can get yourself in a mess that will not be a blessing for you.  Just the opportunity to
     escape the problems that await will help you grow quickly in this field.
     P.S.  I have just begun to straighten you up and get you moving forward.  Once I can get                                                                                                                                          everyone
    on the same page there will be large rewards for your knowledge and ability to step over the
    traps.  I will keep writing until the basics are covered.

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