If you knew my background you would be shaking your head at this point and

wondering if I have lost a step (athletic talk), or have I just had a small stroke or
heart failure, which isn’t far from home. A small explanation of my words seems
to be a negative response about a home selling realtor, which i have been for decades. correct.  I hopefully, have pointed out  the pro’s and cons of a real estate transaction and in the end it is up to you whether you think I got you an answer about what you want or need to know.
If your goal is to get a certain situation for you and , or your family, your job is decide that I
know enough to help you with what you are doing.  Now that you see what you have to do
I assure you you are no different than any other buyer who must like both the initial saleasman
and the higher up broker that will help you his point of view or letting it go.
This is how the world works and it requires some knowledge from you and the other broker.
Nothing is full proof.
It boils down to the fact that in the end it is your money and it is going to be your decision regardless.
There are many things the real estate broker does to help the buyer and, or the seller,but they also overstep their position.  The broker should be knowledgeable about the living area, including the schools  and the areas where adults can find employment.  They should know where the schools are located but it seems many brokers don’t consider that important.  It is very important and the reputation as a fine schools also important.
When it comes to the actual sale the broker should have names of lenders, banks,escrow company’s
and any other business that can help the purchaser..Every little bit of information is important to make the sale so keep control of the event even if you don’t think you know enough.  Just ask for help when you need it.

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