The Mortgage Minute Guy

Roger Schlesinger, originator of the nationally-renowned Mortgage Minute, has been helping educate his clients to meet their real estate financing needs for over 25 years. Roger’s “Mortgage Minute” is heard daily on various stations across the nation and has become the driving force in Roger’s consumer-oriented, “mortgage education” approach to residential lending.

Roger talks daily on a multitude of radio stations giving advice that is up to the minute to give the listener the current mortgage news and rates.  Roger generally interacts with his hosts and explores the complicated financial markets in order to enlighten his listeners and direct them along their own unique road to financial freedom.

Roger’s “Mortgage Minute” Named as Award Winning Radio Campaign…

Roger’s “Mortgage Minute” was named as an Award Winning Radio Campaign by the Southern California Broadcasting Association. He is also the resident mortgage broker on Money TV, a financial broadcast seen weekly throughout the United States and Europe as well as parts of the Far East.

Roger was the President and founder of Manhattan West Mortgage, doing business throughout the United States since 1991. Manhattan West was sold to IndyMac Bank in 2007.  In March of 2008 Roger set up and is currently operating his business through the Company.  He has affiliate companies who provide mortgage services in every state of the Union following Roger’s approach to mortgage financing.

In 1999, Roger wrote his first published work The End of Boring Books on Home Financing which was the initial, powerful, and user-friendly tool that Roger created for his clients to ease the challenges found in approaching mortgage financing.

Roger had 15 Years Are Plenty published in 2013 to emphasize the value of the 15 year fixed loan especially when compared and contrasted with the 30 year fixed loan.  The book is filled with examples of the value of the 15 year loan and is written in a reader friendly manner.

If you have any questions for Roger he will be happy to answer any email sent to or you can call him at (866)288-0088.