I can start and finish this article with three words: Because they sell!. That is the
answer to all the similar questions about anything. Why does the coach at UCLA start
the same five players on the basketball team every game? Because they win!
Why do politicians go on television as guests even if the show and the host of the
show doesn’t like the politician. Because the politician gets free advertising which saves
money to use on other advertising.
I hope you get the drift of my blog that everything in this world doesn’t make sense to
everybody, but it does makes sense to enough people to make it happen. So lets take a
closer look:
Home Sale Prices Bakersfield
In 1979 my wife and I decided that we needed to sell our house because
busing had come to Los Angeles. We lived in the north west corner of the City and our
kids were going to be bused to where I grew up, about 20 miles away over two of the busiest
freeways in the Country. Our answer was supported by the fact that my son was suffering
from ashma and had to be picked up quickly when an attack came. Couldn’t be done
under the new regulations.

Home Sale Prices Bakersfield
The house we were looking at was only a mile away but in a different city without
busing. I was told by the realtors that the area I was going to move into was a million
dollar area. A later research showed that not one house sold over $1 million dollars. We
didn’t end up living in the house, but we did sell it and buy another one a few blocks away.
About 5 years later we moved out at the beginnings of the 1990’s.
We moved back in early in the new century, 2002. We paid just barely under a
million dollars. Fast forward to today and the area sells for a minimum of $2 million and goes
as high as $20 million. WHAT HAPPENED?

Home Sale Prices Bakersfield

What happened was a combination of circumstances. When we first bought there the
area had a security gate during the week days. Today we have 3 entrances that have gates
24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are run by security guards. The property in this
area is a minimum of 1 acre, for the most part, and a maximum 5 acres. Because of the
safety factor and the idea you don’t live crammed next to your neighbor, celebrities started
buy in here. That is a big plus because people like to be around celebrities

Everyone can have a horse at their house, and every house has a trail behind it and some
have trails on the side of the house as well. It is very hard to find a similar home site in
Southern California which has the large lots, minimum one acre, security, and easy access to the 101 freeway. Of course it has a beautiful and natural land to place your residence
. Over the last 10-15 years some of the residences have been expanded and many have been built as big as 20,000 feet in the house with 6 to 10 bedrooms and as many bathrooms..
Does all this make sense? Not really, because you still have to live your life, spend your
money and hope everyone in your household is happy. BUT ONCE THE BALL GETS
ROLLING, it is much easier to watch it go than worrying about it turning around and having the
prices start going dow

This has been my experience on the upper end, but many other developments, and cities,
at a much lower cost are doing as well percentage wise in Southern California
Please take this blog as it was meant to be taken: crazy things can happen that don’t’
always go as planned, but may end up with a better resolution!

Because we live in such a wonderful country it is a lot easier to KEEP THE FAITH!

Home Sale Prices Bakersfield

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