Don’t expand on your thoughts especially the foolish ones.  The problem is
figuring which thoughts they are and which they are not.  Unfortunately most people feeling
there is a possibility their thought is bad will work with it until proven differently.  If I knew what
to do to stop it life would run much smoother for those people..
       Unless you are very young or extremely old you should never look at your thoughts
and assume they aren’t good thoughts.  It would be like a major league baseball player who
comes to the plate to bat and is pretty sure he is going to strike out.  That thought alone will
increase the chance of the poor result.  Do what I do and things will immediately become easier
and better.
        Under my clothes and skin I have a motto that won’t ever change because there isn’t a
reason to change it.  It is really simple and easy to apply: NEVER GIVE UP! NOT EVER!!

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