There are two ways to buy a house for you, your family and your friends and relatives who want, and especially need some expertise with this purchase.  Many of those who fit in the home buying group haven’t ever bought a house, or even lived in a house so some type of hep is needed. If you have only lived in rentals and then buy a  house you will be shocked that you have nobody to call and come and fix your problem.  You do, of course, have a phone book and a telephone and you can handle it yourself.  (That isn’t as easy as it sounds.)
      I have been connected with real estate since the 1970’s in several different ways.  I syndicated real estate projects, mainly commercial shopping centers and office buildings. My dealings were in Southern California, and we made substantial profits
      Going into the 1980’s I moved my real estate  to the middle of the California buying properties with investors in Bakersfield, Handford, Visallia, Modesto and several other towns. The area was growing .but the prices weren’t.  In Bakersfield we bought 4 commercial properties which we fixed up and rented.We also built a 36 unit apartment complex that is still viable and fully occupied the last time I went by about a year ago.  In Hanford we bought an old hotel and made it an office building.  In Visalia
we bought the old jail and made it a restaurant and offices.
       In Modesto we were helped by the redevelopment and did several blocks of projects.  Then it happened.  In the middle of the 80’s t he Savings and Loans in this country went out of business and the Feds called all the loans.that  were outstanding
and most of the projects, failed or were shut down.  We shut down and went home.
       By the beginning of the last decade of the century I came out fighting after getting
my California Real Estate Brokers License and began to build a new clientele.  I became a speaker on the Business Channel in Los Angeles and by the time they
sold out I was on everyday.  I also went on to radio in California and within a couple of years I was on daily nationwide.  That ended in 2013.
        I didn’t just help clients to get their homes and other real estate, I and my wife
bought two owner occupied residences and over 20 second homes, and investments in the single family real estate market in California & Nevada.   During the late 90’s through
today, about 20 years, I also worked at selling clients houses and buying a replacement
for them.  I noted how most people thought and it didn’t turn out to be a big surprise.
Now you will see What Why, When and How means.
         Why do you buy houses to live in when you can rent, lease or have an option
to buy the house you are living in at this time.  The reason you buy for most people is to get a firm grip on the cost of housing you and your family for the long run.  With fixed
costs you can plan on only small costs to maintain  your budget over the years.
           Secondly, owning a house can be a great investment for you which gives you
more reasons that you will be fine with the family “jewels”.   That alone will make your
life better because you have conquered the biggest outlay of money that you probably
will ever have.
            Lastly, when you are ready to retire you will be able to live off of the house,
whether you stay in it or sell it and move to a better place to live in for the senior years.
If Reverse Mortgages remain you will be in a very good position to get the maximum
pleasure during these years.
            When do you buy a house is as important a questions any thing you need to know
about the housing market.  Realistically in all financial ventures you should enter the fray
when the thought of it might make you very uncomfortable and you should get out when it
looks like it is never going to stop increasing in value.  That is the best advice I could give
anyone who is a conservative investor in any and everything that they opt for.  The reason
I state this is it fit perfectly with the majority that are looking for quick entrance to the opportunity without much knowledge of the investment.  There theory is all those who are excited about
the venture can’t be wrong.  (Really!
              First of all you need to understand home buying has a seasons that can’t go wrong.
That also means that selling your property also has a season that can’t go wrong.  It is based
on the family and must be followed by singles or couples, as well as families because you
will always do better.  There are two seasons a year:  the season when the children head back to school after the summer vacation and right after the New Year when the second part of the
school year goes into the second semester.
              Children can adapt to many things in their lives; mother’s and father’s need to make
a move without really interrupting the children if they are going to a new school.  So buyers should be ready to buy and sellers should be ready to sell.
               Your best time is much better than any other time of the year!
             How to buy a place is relatively easy if you do not pretend you are an expert.  In fact
play down to yourself and your spouse your belief in your self and get yourself a Real Estate
Agent or Broker to help you.  If you do that you will do better by far than going alone.  You really need to follow these easy steps.
              1.  Research a realtor as to buying or selling.  Most agents will do either but one of
                   two tasks is generally better for the realtor, so do not forget to ask them.
              2.  Do not hide any bad news that could come out and brag on your good news.
              3.  The only baggage you should bring with you is what price range you will be in,
                   and do not let them try to move you because you can get hurt in the long run.
This has been a introductory course about getting into the real estate market or changing one
property for another.  It is very hard for me to lay out all the gains you get by doing something
by the book and the hurt that comes by not being able to see the problems.
If you would like to ask me any questions please send me a short message to Roger Schlesinger25@gmail.com.  I will be the only one looking at this and corresponding with you.
I would be happy to meet with you if you live in Southern California if you request it.
Thank you,
Roger Schlesinger

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