1,  You must own your house and you can have mortgages on it.
    2.  If you are single you must be 62 years of age.  If you are married
         one of the two of you must be 62 years of age and the other doesn’t
         have to be that old.
    3.  Everyone who wants to be on title of the reverse mortgage must be 62
         years of age.
    4.   Anybody who is on title cannot be in bankruptcy.
    5.   Income for the borrowers is ignored by the lender.
    6.   We can only use $650,000 as the highest value on your house.  When
          you take the reverse mortgage and wish to sell the house you will get the
          entire value of the house even though it is above $650,000.  When either you or
          heirs sell you must pay back what you received when you started and the
          accrued interest.  If the amount of the sale is less than what you owe you
          will be excused for the unpaid balance.  THERE ISN’T ANY DEFICIENCY
     To find out what you could qualify now please send us the dates of birth of the title
      holders, how much  you owe on your mortgage, your street address and a copy of
      your social security card.
      We will find the value of your place, with a mortgage on it and if no mortgage a value
      will also suffice.
      I will contact you after I forward the results and go through it with you.  If you want
      to go forward I will explain the options to you and get it going.
      I am looking forward to hearing from you.  If you wish to call my phone is (818)464-5152.
      Roger Schlesinger

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 There are two ways to buy a house for you, your family and your friends and relatives who want, and especially need some expertise with this purchase.  Many of those who fit in the home buying group haven’t ever bought a house, or even lived in a house so some type of hep is needed. If you have only lived in rentals and then buy a  house you will be shocked that you have nobody to call and come and fix your problem.  You do, of course, have a phone book and a telephone and you can handle it yourself.  (That isn’t as easy as it sounds.)
      I have been connected with real estate since the 1970’s in several different ways.  I syndicated real estate projects, mainly commercial shopping centers and office buildings. My dealings were in Southern California, and we made substantial profits
      Going into the 1980’s I moved my real estate  to the middle of the California buying properties with investors in Bakersfield, Handford, Visallia, Modesto and several other towns. The area was growing .but the prices weren’t.  In Bakersfield we bought 4 commercial properties which we fixed up and rented.We also built a 36 unit apartment complex that is still viable and fully occupied the last time I went by about a year ago.  In Hanford we bought an old hotel and made it an office building.  In Visalia
we bought the old jail and made it a restaurant and offices.
       In Modesto we were helped by the redevelopment and did several blocks of projects.  Then it happened.  In the middle of the 80’s t he Savings and Loans in this country went out of business and the Feds called all the loans.that  were outstanding
and most of the projects, failed or were shut down.  We shut down and went home.
       By the beginning of the last decade of the century I came out fighting after getting
my California Real Estate Brokers License and began to build a new clientele.  I became a speaker on the Business Channel in Los Angeles and by the time they
sold out I was on everyday.  I also went on to radio in California and within a couple of years I was on daily nationwide.  That ended in 2013.
        I didn’t just help clients to get their homes and other real estate, I and my wife
bought two owner occupied residences and over 20 second homes, and investments in the single family real estate market in California & Nevada.   During the late 90’s through
today, about 20 years, I also worked at selling clients houses and buying a replacement
for them.  I noted how most people thought and it didn’t turn out to be a big surprise.
Now you will see What Why, When and How means.
         Why do you buy houses to live in when you can rent, lease or have an option
to buy the house you are living in at this time.  The reason you buy for most people is to get a firm grip on the cost of housing you and your family for the long run.  With fixed
costs you can plan on only small costs to maintain  your budget over the years.
           Secondly, owning a house can be a great investment for you which gives you
more reasons that you will be fine with the family “jewels”.   That alone will make your
life better because you have conquered the biggest outlay of money that you probably
will ever have.
            Lastly, when you are ready to retire you will be able to live off of the house,
whether you stay in it or sell it and move to a better place to live in for the senior years.
If Reverse Mortgages remain you will be in a very good position to get the maximum
pleasure during these years.
            When do you buy a house is as important a questions any thing you need to know
about the housing market.  Realistically in all financial ventures you should enter the fray
when the thought of it might make you very uncomfortable and you should get out when it
looks like it is never going to stop increasing in value.  That is the best advice I could give
anyone who is a conservative investor in any and everything that they opt for.  The reason
I state this is it fit perfectly with the majority that are looking for quick entrance to the opportunity without much knowledge of the investment.  There theory is all those who are excited about
the venture can’t be wrong.  (Really!
              First of all you need to understand home buying has a seasons that can’t go wrong.
That also means that selling your property also has a season that can’t go wrong.  It is based
on the family and must be followed by singles or couples, as well as families because you
will always do better.  There are two seasons a year:  the season when the children head back to school after the summer vacation and right after the New Year when the second part of the
school year goes into the second semester.
              Children can adapt to many things in their lives; mother’s and father’s need to make
a move without really interrupting the children if they are going to a new school.  So buyers should be ready to buy and sellers should be ready to sell.
               Your best time is much better than any other time of the year!
             How to buy a place is relatively easy if you do not pretend you are an expert.  In fact
play down to yourself and your spouse your belief in your self and get yourself a Real Estate
Agent or Broker to help you.  If you do that you will do better by far than going alone.  You really need to follow these easy steps.
              1.  Research a realtor as to buying or selling.  Most agents will do either but one of
                   two tasks is generally better for the realtor, so do not forget to ask them.
              2.  Do not hide any bad news that could come out and brag on your good news.
              3.  The only baggage you should bring with you is what price range you will be in,
                   and do not let them try to move you because you can get hurt in the long run.
This has been a introductory course about getting into the real estate market or changing one
property for another.  It is very hard for me to lay out all the gains you get by doing something
by the book and the hurt that comes by not being able to see the problems.
If you would like to ask me any questions please send me a short message to Roger Schlesinger25@gmail.com.  I will be the only one looking at this and corresponding with you.
I would be happy to meet with you if you live in Southern California if you request it.
Thank you,
Roger Schlesinger

Free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Bring Your Appetite)

If you saw the above message in a magazine or a newspaper, or maybe even
flashed on your T.V., would you believe what it says.  Whether the message was from a
one location restaurant or a large chain I still think you would laugh and forget about it.
Before you let it go you probably figure that you must buy a alcoholic beverage at every meal
and a full size dessert as well that will definetly cost you some money.

Mortgage Fraud Riverside

           When it comes to advertising of free mortgages a large majority of the listening audience make the call to get the info.  How do I know that?  Because I hear the advertisements all the time which means they are getting the calls from the public.
           When they tell you in the mortgage arena that your loan will be without cost to you
they are lying.  What they should say is you will not have to send us any money for doing
the loan.  How is that different: sending money doesn’t reflect the cost of the loan; but
those lenders who do this type of advertising know that the prospective client will not think
the message through because he believes he has nothing to lose.

Mortgage Fraud Riverside

 Lenders put out rate sheets to their sales force which shows them how much they
will make by giving the client a certain rate.  The lowest rate a salesman gets will require
a fee from the client.  The higher the rate is the less the fee, and in fact once they show you
the rate and you don’t have to pay anything to get it, and the following happens;.
            The lowest rate for a certain loan will cost the client generally one point which is
            one percent (1%) of the loan amount.  If the client doesn’t  want to pay a point he takes
            a slightly higher rate and pays perhaps a quarter of a point 1/4  When the client gets a                 rate without paying anything it generally means there is a rebate from the lender to the                 broker of a point which is generally 1% of the loan amount.

Mortgage Fraud Riverside

          There is a lot to learn about financing loans for home mortgages and now you at
least enough to get what you want in rate and cost from the lender.  Deal with people
who aren’t trying to get into your wallet..
Mortgage Fraud Riverside

I can start and finish this article with three words: Because they sell!. That is the
answer to all the similar questions about anything. Why does the coach at UCLA start
the same five players on the basketball team every game? Because they win!
Why do politicians go on television as guests even if the show and the host of the
show doesn’t like the politician. Because the politician gets free advertising which saves
money to use on other advertising.
I hope you get the drift of my blog that everything in this world doesn’t make sense to
everybody, but it does makes sense to enough people to make it happen. So lets take a
closer look:
Home Sale Prices Bakersfield
In 1979 my wife and I decided that we needed to sell our house because
busing had come to Los Angeles. We lived in the north west corner of the City and our
kids were going to be bused to where I grew up, about 20 miles away over two of the busiest
freeways in the Country. Our answer was supported by the fact that my son was suffering
from ashma and had to be picked up quickly when an attack came. Couldn’t be done
under the new regulations.

Home Sale Prices Bakersfield
The house we were looking at was only a mile away but in a different city without
busing. I was told by the realtors that the area I was going to move into was a million
dollar area. A later research showed that not one house sold over $1 million dollars. We
didn’t end up living in the house, but we did sell it and buy another one a few blocks away.
About 5 years later we moved out at the beginnings of the 1990’s.
We moved back in early in the new century, 2002. We paid just barely under a
million dollars. Fast forward to today and the area sells for a minimum of $2 million and goes
as high as $20 million. WHAT HAPPENED?

Home Sale Prices Bakersfield

What happened was a combination of circumstances. When we first bought there the
area had a security gate during the week days. Today we have 3 entrances that have gates
24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are run by security guards. The property in this
area is a minimum of 1 acre, for the most part, and a maximum 5 acres. Because of the
safety factor and the idea you don’t live crammed next to your neighbor, celebrities started
buy in here. That is a big plus because people like to be around celebrities

Everyone can have a horse at their house, and every house has a trail behind it and some
have trails on the side of the house as well. It is very hard to find a similar home site in
Southern California which has the large lots, minimum one acre, security, and easy access to the 101 freeway. Of course it has a beautiful and natural land to place your residence
. Over the last 10-15 years some of the residences have been expanded and many have been built as big as 20,000 feet in the house with 6 to 10 bedrooms and as many bathrooms..
Does all this make sense? Not really, because you still have to live your life, spend your
money and hope everyone in your household is happy. BUT ONCE THE BALL GETS
ROLLING, it is much easier to watch it go than worrying about it turning around and having the
prices start going dow

This has been my experience on the upper end, but many other developments, and cities,
at a much lower cost are doing as well percentage wise in Southern California
Please take this blog as it was meant to be taken: crazy things can happen that don’t’
always go as planned, but may end up with a better resolution!

Because we live in such a wonderful country it is a lot easier to KEEP THE FAITH!

Home Sale Prices Bakersfield

If Reverse Mortgages are a joke than I would definitely respond to your threat, above, with a little   bit of sarcasm.  You won’t need to worry about your living because I am sure your three young   adults will be thrilled to take on your financial and physical needs, You won’t need to worry about   living because you have three children in their 20’s who should easily  have  money and an abundance of love to take care of you the rest of your life

Reverse Mortgage Benefits Santa Monica

  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the above mentioned comment because I generally
 talk with the children about helping their parent or parents out when they are senior citizens
 Half of the children do not like the house and want no part of helping their parent(s) to stay there.
 The other half are interested because they are pretty sure they will get the house.  I tell the kids
 all you have to do is to pay your parent(s) a monthly stipend that will pay their bills. “Wow,” is    the    first reply followed by the next: I can’t afford it but that shouldn’t rule me out of getting the house.
    So let’s get on with the proposition,  If you are 62 or over and only one of the two spouses has to  be that  age or older.  Both of you need to be on the loan to get the payment(s) on your current loan.
    You do not qualify for the Reverse as you do for a regular mortgage loan.  With the reverse you  need enough equity to qualify with your current ages, 62 or older.  You will most likely end up     with 25% to 45-50% of the value of your house with a maximum value on the house of $650,000.

Reverse Mortgage Benefits Santa Monica

     Why take a Reverse Mortgage?.  .  .
       You only need to have a property that is owner occupied.
       You will not show your income, your net worth, your employment and your citizenship.
       You will show you have enough income or savings to pay the property tax each year.
       When you close out the Reverse by leaving the house, selling the house or giving it away
       you will receive the sale price of the property.
You should be starting to understand the reverse mortgage benefits in Santa Monica
        If the property goes down in price you are not required to make up the deficiency,.
        That simply means that you would not lose a penny on the house with a Reverse Mortgage.
   What happens if you don’t take the Reverse if the house goes down in value when you want
   to sell?  I will show you how you can lose money if the aforementioned happen.  On the other
   hand you can make even more money on the Reverse Mortgage with a simple maneuver
   that will be in my next blog!
Reverse Mortgage Benefits Santa Monica