Today I am writing you about the lowest fixed rate I have ever offered in the 25 plus years I have
been in this business.  This is  conforming loan up to $417,000 for borrowers with good credit,
good earnings, a modicum of reserves and who live in an owner occupied home or second home.
The rate is 2.750% for a 15 year fixed fully amortized loan and is without any points.
We also have a jumbo loan up to $2 million for a 15 year fixed with a 1 point cost subject to your loan to value. The rate on the jumbo loan is 2.875%
I caution you to move quickly as rates can change at any time.  We stand ready to lock the loan as  soon as you send it, and as quick as we can validate the information.
I believe these can be life changing rates!
Roger Schlesinger
The Mortgage Minute Guy